Good grief

January 19, 2019

It seemed like such a little thing. Well, it was a little thing. Generally insignificant. Ironically basic. Surprisingly problematic.

Maybe that’s why I kept ignoring it and procrastinating at bit. Or procrastinating a lot.

I was working on a project and it involved a widget. A widget is a small gadget that holds a razor blade. It is frequently used to scrape paint and other gunk off of windows and other hard surfaces.

I was making great progress with my little widget for awhile but then the work started getting a little harder. So. . . I pressed a little harder. I got the ol’ elbow grease to working and even developed a drop of sweat on my brow.

Although I had previously been making great progress on my project, my efficiency was losing ground. My fingers were starting to cramp and I could feel the tension in my shoulders.

I kept thinking to myself that I should go get a new, sharp blade from my desk where a whole package of shiny new blades was waiting for me. But no. . . that might slow me down.

I procrastinated and told myself I would go get a new blade in a few minutes. A few minutes went by and I told myself I would get one when I finished the next section of the project.

A few more minutes went by and finally I just said to myself, “Kel, just go get the blade. Get the blade. Just. Get. The. Blade. Now. Right now.”

Good grief.

Carrying the widget, I walked all of 20 feet to my desk, grabbed the new blade, and replaced it for the old, dull one. It took a total of 55 seconds. Fifty-five seconds.

Good grief.

Yes, I let some crazy form of procrastination and a silly widget cause me stress and angst. Widget + procrastination = stress/angst.

Good grief.

I can’t let the comparison of that widget and my walk with the Lord go unnoticed. Spiritual life + procrastination = stress/angst.

How many times have I put off spending time with God and in His Word? How many times have I sensed God telling me to be obedient and I put off doing what He asked me to do? How many times have I stayed in a crazy “comfort” zone because I didn’t want to stop doing what I was doing.

Good grief.

In this case, it is “good” grief. It is good that I am grieved at all of the time I wasted doing what I wanted to do instead of being sharpened by what God wanted me to do.

It is good that I am grieved for the time not spent in His Word where I would have been strengthened spiritually to be able to work so much more efficiently and joyfully.

It is good that I am grieved about the times I was not quick to obey where He was leading, causing me to miss the certain blessings that would have been available to me.

It is good that I am grieved about not getting outside of my pretend comfort zone where I could have experienced things not available in the “zone”.

I plan to let this good grief spur me on to stop procrastination in its tracks. After all, it might only take me 55 seconds.

Lord, thank you for teaching me a big lesson this week. You are good and your ways are good. Thank you for loving me enough to want what is best for me. Forgive me for the times I’ve procrastinated and missed our time together. Forgive me for the times I’ve been disobedient because I did not obey right away. Help me to remember that I have no need to put off what I know is right. You are the keeper of my life and my time and you have good things planned for me – I don’t want to miss a thing.

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