No fear

January 5, 2019

Scary and exciting. That’s the combination of feelings I get every time I start something new.

It’s not just the big things. New job. New health issue. New big purchase.

It’s the small things too. New restaurant. New calendar. New pair of jeans.

Yes, I’m weird like that. Where most people can just jump right in, I have to talk myself into it.

Positive self-talk. Prayers. Encouraging mind games. Ugh. . .

Why the fear? I guess it is the unknown. My comfort zone is a pretty small circle. I’m not known for trying out new things until I have thought through it thoroughly. I know what I like and I like what I know.

But living in my comfort zone is not always a good thing. It is limiting and confining. It curbs my curiosity and creativity. It controls my circle of influence and my ability to minister.

God doesn’t condone my comfort zone. He created me to love and reach out to others. To live a creative life, full of adventure. To not be limited by my thoughts and fears.

I don’t actually have a “word” for 2019. I like the idea of having one but I feel like it might be a form of a comfort zone for me. I think having one word or phrase might limit me from looking for what God has planned for me.

Instead, I want to just focus on The Word – The Bible. God’s words written down for me as my guidebook for 2019.

God has plans for me this year that I don’t have any clue about. Yes, it is scary. And exciting. It will definitely be an adventure. It will definitely get me out of my comfort zone.

Lord, you have big plans for me. I am confidant they will be good plans because you are good. Forgive me for digging my heals into my comfort zone and avoiding eye contact with new things. Help me to look forward to what you will be doing. Help me to get over the fear and look forward to the future.

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