Eyes closed

August 14, 2018

My eyes were beyond swollen.  At least that’s what the nursing staff told me.  The edema I experienced was not uncommon but I wasn’t expecting it to be so bad.

The best thing for me to do? Just keep my eyes closed until the medication could do it’s job and get the swelling down.

What I discovered over the next few days was that while my eyes were closed I was a lot more focused on words and voices.

I could hear nuances in conversations and inflection in tone.  I chuckled at my incredibly funny daughters and was soothed by my husbands calming voice.

I could hear conversations out in the hallway and muffled phone calls.  I could hear beeping electronics and swooshing machines.

As I lay in the hospital bed with only my ears connecting me to people, I began to realize how much I miss everyday by just not listening.

Being a visual person, I think I tend to rely too much on what I can see and neglect my other senses.  So, I’ve been closing my eyes a lot more lately.  Of course, some of that eye closing includes much-needed healing naps.

By closing my eyes, I am able to tune out visual stimulus and focus on what my ears can hear.  Tuning out the sight clutter has focused my attention and calms me down, allowing me to think clearer and listen better.

Lord, thank you for teaching me important things during this health journey.  You made me and know how I function.  You know how I learn.  You  have custom designed lesson plans just for me because you love me.  Thank you, Lord.  I love you.

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