Let go


July 20, 2018

Sometimes I wear myself out by holding on to things too tightly.

I noticed I have a tendency to grab the steering wheel of my car too tightly when I drive.  I’m not sure why because I have no reason to.  I just do.  It’s a white knuckle ride every time.  Maybe its my desire to be more in control?

I think I have a tendency to develop a white knuckle grip on other things too.  People.  Things.  Jobs.  Homes.  Thoughts.  Attitudes.  Habits.  God.

What?  Yes, God.

I was convicted about this when I saw an old poster that was popular back in the day.  It was a picture of a cat hanging onto the end of a rope.

The wording said, ” When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”.

I can just picture myself trying to tie a knot onto the bottom of God’s holy robe (not that He wears a robe) so that I can hang onto Him.

But, Houston, we have a problem.  I end up trying to use my own creativity and effort to do that.  Again, maybe it’s my desire to be in control.  Thinking to myself, “If I could just hold on a little tighter.  A little longer. . . “

In reality there is no need to hold on to God.  He never asks us to hold on to Him because He’s already holding on to us.  When we belong to Him, He holds us and no one and no thing can snatch us out of His hands. He only asks that we press into Him and trust Him.

He has the strength and grip needed to hold on to us even in severe storms and on rocky roads and when we squirm to get our own way.

My effort to tie a knot and hang on only serves to exhaust me.  But in the meantime God uses it to showcase His love and long-suffering towards me!

Oh, how I need His love and long-suffering!

When I stop and realize this,  it requires me to surrender my efforts.  I have to lay aside my work and rest.  Sometimes I even have to verbally tell myself, “Kel, just let go”.

My efforts to hang onto God with all of my might distract me from what I should be doing:

  1.  Loving the Lord my God with all my heart
  2. Worshiping Him and thanking Him
  3. Loving and serving others
  4. Knowing that He is always with me
  5. Resting in His ability to take care of me.

Lord, you’ve got me in your hands.  You are able and willing to do the hard part.  Help me to remember my part and just rest in your ability to take care of me.  You don’t need my efforts you only want my surrender.


5 thoughts on “Let go

  1. Good morning, Kelly.

    I love your blog and have passed it on to others. Know the big day is ahead of you. Praying this operation goes smoothly and your recovery is easy and goes well. Keep shining the light❤️ Sheri

  2. When I need to hold on, I imagine crawling onto the lap of God; His loving arms enveloping me; resting my head against His chest. It helps me. Crawl upon His lap in the next few days and rest.
    We are in Florida – Leonard is with us. We all have red to wear on Wednesday. We will be praying.

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