Safe am I

July 26, 2018

Even though it was over seven years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday.  I remember being on a gurney that was being pushed into a really bright surgery room.

I was feeling pretty good – probably due to the happy drugs already cursing through my veins.  I was actually excited to be going into surgery because I was getting a new kidney and I would literally be getting my life back.

My last thought before the lights went out was actually a little song.

Safe am I, safe am I,
In the hollow of His hands,
Sheltered o’er, sheltered o’er
With His love for evermore
No ill can harm me,
No foe alarm me,
For He keeps both day and night.
Safe am I, safe am I,
In the hollow of his hands.

I learned that song as a little girl in junior church.  There in our little church was an old upright piano that someone would play as me and my friends would sing our little hearts out.  Well, I always sang my heart out.  I’m sure some of the 3rd grade boys just stood there with their hands in their pockets because that’s what they do.

As I think back to that time in our little church, I am so thankful that there were people who gave up their time to teach me and my other church going friends back in the 60s and 70s.

We learned all about the stories in the Bible, how much God loves us, and how Jesus paid for our sins.  We memorized Bible verses and learned songs with hand motions.

And even as a child, I knew that Zacchaeus was not really a wee man who was only 2 inches tall.  This young’un was not going to be fooled by that hand motion.

Where was I?  Oh yes, songs from junior church.

All of those songs and stories and Bible verses were hidden in my heart from the time I was a child.  Then, 45 years later, that little song came to my mind when I needed it the most.

I was safe.  I was sheltered.  I was loved.  I was not afraid.  I was not alarmed.  I was safe.  Who doesn’t need that kind of reassurance?

Lord, thank you that you put people into my life so many years ago to teach a little girl about you and your love for me.  Thank you for whoever wrote the words of that song that you used to reassure me.  Help me to be a person who brings truth and love into the lives of children so that they can grow up to love you and worship you.  Thank you that your Word and your truth never go to waste.  Thank you that they accomplish what you planned for them to do – in my case to reassure me as I was going into surgery.  I know I am safe with you.

One thought on “Safe am I

  1. You are safe Kelly. God is the only one that can assure you. We all are the safest when we know Him. He protects us from everything. He is going to keep you safe through your surgery too. I am claiming your healing!

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