July 30, 2018

I shut the door to my office today after getting things ready to be gone for a while.  I did as much as I could do ahead of time and the rest will be done in my absence by amazing ministry leaders and volunteers.

I have to admit.  It’s bitter-sweet.  I think God is about to do some amazing things in the ministry where I spend my hours and efforts and I’m not going to be there while I’m recovering.

Basically I’m having FOMO.  Fear Of Missing Out.  I want to be a part of what is going to happen.  I want to be in the middle of it all.  I want to be elbow deep in all of the work.

But I think God has decided that I need to sit this one out.  This season of this ministry doesn’t require me to be there.  But why?

As someone wise once said to me (OK, she said it twice but who’s counting?)

Maybe it’s not about you!”.

Maybe God is directing me to a different adventure so that someone else can start an adventure.  Maybe He is calling someone else to put on their brave hat and step out of their comfort zone and do something they’ve never done before.  Something that I’ve gotten used to doing even though it was uncomfortable for me when I first started.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about ministry.  It’s not ours to do with as we please.  It’s God’s work.  His plan.  His timing.  His people.  His wisdom.

It’s good to shake things up once in a while.  But that makes people shaky.   My life has certainly been shaken up and I’m feeling shaky too, so I understand the angst.

Have you ever made a smoothie?  Lots of good and good for you stuff being shaken up in the blender.  It’s noisy and looks a bit crazy but in the end it is a beautifully smooth concoction that tastes good and is good for you.

Sometimes the ingredients don’t sound like they would taste good together, but in the end they compliment each other.  Sometimes people don’t seem like they would minister well together, but in the end their different gifts and talents compliment each other and the synergy propels the ministry full steam ahead.

I didn’t have a choice of whether or not to go on this different journey.  What I did have was a choice of obedience and attitude.  I’m not exactly sure what the journey will look like, but I know that God has prepared me for it and has prepared other people to be a part of it.  Maybe people I haven’t even met yet.

I know God is going to do something amazing in my absence in the ministry.  I’ll be watching from across the playing field and cheering on those who are playing.  I’ll get back in the game whenever God gives me the all-clear and I’ll bring some different experiences with me.  I might even have to get out of a new comfort zone.

Lord, your plans are wonderfully creative.  You never cease to amaze me with your surprises.  They are never what I expect but always what I need.  Thank you that I get to be a part of your ministry no matter where it is.  Teach me what I need to learn.  I can’t wait to see those who you will call to step over the boundary of their comfort zone to take the next steps in following what you have planned.

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