July 11, 2018

The scale has been my nemesis lately.  She talks to me with numbers I don’t like.  For years, I begged her to give me some lower numbers to make me happy.  Now, she’s giving me low numbers but they are too low.  I’m basically wasting away.

I’m working hard to keep the numbers up.  My friend, Cathy (yes, the same Cathy who gave me a super-duper kidney), is a Registered Dietitian and gave me an eating plan to help me gain weight so I’ll be ready for the surgery.

The problem is that I don’t have an appetite.  I’m just not feeling it.  Food is usually one of my favorite things, but not right now.

So, I was encouraged this morning when I read this verse in 2 Corinthians – “though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day”. 

I like the idea of being renewed.  The sun comes up every morning and it’s a new day.  I read God’s Word and my mental and spiritual energy is renewed.  I talk with God and my hope is renewed.  He created us to be like that.

I’m praying that my body will be renewed in a few weeks when this awful cancer is removed and all of my innards are rearranged.  It will take a while for my body to heal, but God has created my body to do that.

Being renewed doesn’t happen by itself.

First, I’ve got to get rid of the bad stuff.  Physically, the biggest baddest stuff would be cancer.  But also, I need to get rid of bad food and bad health habits.  I need God’s help for that.

Spiritually, I need to get rid of bad thoughts like unforgiveness and selfishness and also bad habits like what I allow my ears to listen to and my eyes to see.  I need God’s help for that.

Once the bad is out, God can start the process of renewal.  Renewing my mind and spirit.  Renewing my body and energy.  He is the source of that renewing.  My job is to be plugged into the source.  Plugged into Him.  And then watch the process.

Lord God, my savior.  You amaze me with how you work all things together to renew me in body, mind, and spirit.  I know I will have to be plugged into your strength to allow this.  Please help rid me of yucky stuff that takes up space in my body and mind.  Help me to lean into the renewing process and fill me with your righteousness and goodness.

One thought on “Renewing

  1. When my boys were little and anxious for an up coming event, I would tell them they however many sleeps and a get up…so sweet friend you now have 21 sleeps and a get up and it will be the day of your surgery!
    Sending you prayers for comfort as you wait! ❣️

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