July 12, 2018

I was fumbling in my bedside table this morning to find a bookmark for the new book I was reading.

The one I pulled out has a picture of Christopher Robin pulling Winnie the Pooh out of a hole with the words, “I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen” printed underneath it.

I could say the same thing about God.  I knew, from the time I was a little girl, that God had an adventure planned for me.   I couldn’t have dreamed all that He had in store for me, but I knew it would be good.

When I try to explain that to someone, they stare at me with wide eyes.  If they’ve known me for very long, they know some of the things I’ve gone through and they wouldn’t exactly call them adventures.  Sorrows maybe.  Possibly hardships.  Certainly painful lessons.  But adventures?  Nope.

What makes something an adventure?  For me it means something I’ve never experienced before.  Something full of possibilities.  Something worth remembering.

When our kids were little, we didn’t have much money or chances for vacations or trips.  When possible, we would make up adventures to go on.  And we called them that.  Adventures.

Sometimes it was just playing at a local park.  Sometimes it was a picnic dinner at the beach after daddy got home from work.  An adventure could be a bike ride around the neighborhood or a ride out to the country to look for shooting stars.

The important thing about adventuring is that you have to have your eyes wide open.  If not, you’ll miss something.  Adventuring also involves being together and working together.

Adventuring doesn’t always go as planned.  In fact, that’s half the fun.  Flat tires, strong winds, or a skinned knee add to the memory.  There are always observations to be made and lessons to be learned.

I’m on an adventure.  I knew I would be when I asked Jesus to be in charge of my life.  We’re hanging out together and working together.  I’m learning lessons and keeping my eyes open.  I know there is more than a skinned knee in my future, but it’s OK because I’m adventuring with The One who knows how it all works out.

Lord, I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.  I admit I have cried through many of them.  I’ve even dragged my feet on some of them.  But, in your unwavering patience with me, you’ve led me through them and allowed me to come out of them with amazing memories.  I wait with anticipation to see where we’ll go next.  I’m ready, Lord.

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