June 28, 2018

Whenever I used to read this verse, I would picture a metal file being used to file down a piece of rusty metal.  Hardly something I wanted to have done to me.

The more I hang around people, the more I understand the real meaning of this.  This isn’t about a bossy person trying to tell me how to live my life or a “holier than thou” family member trying to straighten me out.

Iron sharpening iron happens when we do life together.  Two people just rubbing elbows and hanging out together.  The same but different.  Sharing experiences and swapping stories – and then God uses it in an amazing way.

I’ve gotten to hang out with a lot of people this week and rub elbows with them.  We’ve shared a week-long experience and swapped stories.  I’ve been challenged.  I’ve been convicted.  I’ve been humbled.  I’ve been sharpened.

I’m thankful for the sharpening.  But now, I must rest.

I tend to be an introvert but have two jobs which require me to act like an extrovert most of the time.  Consequently, being around people for long periods of time can overwhelm me.  Sometimes rubbing elbows can wear me out.  But it is worth it.

The sharpening benefits me.  It benefits others too.  But now, I must rest.

I will spend time in the garden and pray.  I will read and process.  I will spend time with my hubby and regroup.  I will spend time with the Lord and refresh.  I will look for the evidence of the sharpening on my life.  What did I learn?  How did I change?  What needs to happen next?

Thank you, Lord, for the people I rub elbows with.  Thank you that they share stories of what you have done in their lives for me to learn from.  I’m so glad that you use those stories to sharpen and challenge me so that I am better when I leave their presence than when I first met them.  Now I will rest and wait to see how you will use this in my life.

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