Feathers and wings

June 27, 2018

This verse has been circling me the past few weeks.  Everywhere I look, it is brought to my attention.

First, a card arrived in the mail with this verse on it.  A reminder from one of The Tribe  (a Facebook page of people encouraging me) that she is praying for me.

A dear friend who is moving made me a little zippered pouch – she knows I like containers!  The outside is made of camo from one of her husband’s uniforms that he wore in Afghanistan.  The inside is an adorable fabric with feathers imprinted on it.  She explained that the camo should remind me I am a fighter.  A warrior.   The feather fabric should remind me that God is my refuge, covering me with His protection.  Talk about being blown away.  I could barely speak when I opened it.

Another friend handed me a small card with this verse on it – just letting me know she is praying for me and that this verse reminds her of me.

I found a book on my bookshelf and thumbed through it.  This verse popped off of the first page.

It has been my experience that when God brings something to me over and over again, He’s trying to get my attention.  So, I sat down and meditated on the words of the verse.

The Bible is full of word pictures of how God cares for us.  My simple brain can easily wrap around those kind of descriptions and I’m so thankful that God gets how I learn.

He will cover you with His feathers teaches me about provision.  Having chickens on our property, we are quiet observers of how our doting mother hens like to corral their little ones under their feathers, close to the warmth of themselves.  Mama hens even pluck out their own downy feathers to add to the nest so it is warm for the babies.

He will shelter you with His wings teaches me about His protection.  A mother Hen corrals her vulnerable ones under her wings when the threat of danger is near.  She would sacrifice herself to protect her babies.

His faithful promises are your armor and protection teaches me about God’s love and faithfulness.  Not exactly chicken talk now – but getting deeper into the thoughts about  protection.  Because God always keeps His promises, they are to me an armor and protection for my mind.  When my mind wants to go to crazy-town, He reminds me that He has always taken care of me.  He is faithful.  He wants to protect my thoughts and feelings so I don’t fall apart.

Oh, Lord, you are so good to me.  You care about my body, my mind, my emotions, and my soul.  All of me.  As a loving Father, you will go to any length to take care of me.  You will send friends and all manner of objects to remind me that you love me.  Thank you for explaining these concepts to me in a way I can understand.  I’m sure there is so much more to be learned, but this is all I can take in right now.  I’m full.  Tonight as I drift off to sleep, I will picture you as my Protector and Faithful Savior.  I will rest peacefully because you’ve got me.

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