When Hubs and I moved out to our little bit of the country, we noticed something interesting.  Everyone waved as they passed you on the road.

Nothing too fancy or fast.  Just a slight hand movement and maybe a head nod. I thought it was charming and eagerly waited for a passing car so I could be sociable. 

I also began to notice other ways of non-verbal communication in our community.    

Motorcyclists passing on the road greeted each other with a 2 finger peace sign waved down low. 

Bicyclists raised a pointer finger while holding on to their handlebars.  Eyes set straight ahead as to not steer into a ditch. 

Guys in the feed shop giving a slight head lift while making eye contact.  Their version of saying “Hey” without using any words. 

This got me to thinking about other ways of nonverbal communication.  Especially ways I communicate with God.  God doesn’t need our words but He loves for us to talk with Him frequently. Words are a bonus as He already knows what is in our hearts.

I’ve thought about the times I’ve lifted my head and my hands in praise without speaking any words at all.  I was too overwhelmed with His blessings to find enough words to match His glory.

Sometimes I’ve nodded my head in recognition of God’s goodness when listening to a sermon, a song, or a prayer.  A motion of agreement with what was been said.

Other times, I’ve bowed my head in my need to confess my sins.  Bowing my head in submission that God’s ways are better than mine. 

Sadly, I know that I am capable to two other head movements and I pray they never happen.

I know I am capable of shaking my head in defiance, choosing to do things in my own way and my own strength.  Like a defiant child, stubbornly wanting their own way.

I know I am also capable of turning my head in rejection. deciding to disobey and do things my way. Sadly, all of us are capable of this.  God forgive us! 

Lord, you know my heart.  You know my tendencies and what I’m capable of.  Forgive me for the times I let my pride call the shots and let my head turn in rejection or shake in defiance.  I want to bow my head in confession and raise my head in praise, and nod my head in agreement with your goodness.  May my heart thoughts be portrayed through my head movements.  Thank you, Lord, for wanting to have a relationship with me. I love you.

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