Making room

December 6, 2019

I woke up unsettled this morning.  I’m not sure why.  There is no monumental problem hovering over me.  No huge project to be concerned about.  Just an unsettled feeling trying to unravel the peace I usually feel in my heart.

I pondered what to do.  I sat in bed with my Bible in my lap and a coffee cup in my hand.  Caffeine for the body and truth for the soul.

I decided that the best place to start would be to declare what I knew was truth.  I went to the Lord in prayer and started praising Him for what I knew was solid and unwavering truth.

God is good.  He is holy and righteous.  He is just and capable and strong.  He heals, protects, and provides.  His thoughts are greater than my thoughts.  His plans are better than my plans.  Nothing is out of His control.

Feeling more centered by the truth, I began to pray for others.  So many difficulties for those I know and love.  Some are big things – huge, really.  Some are small things that just won’t go away.  Some things are inconvenient and some things are heart wrenching.

As I prayed, the Lord showed me that in many ways He is in the process of stripping away things in the lives of so many I know.  That thought did not bring me peace at all because the stripping process is usually painful and unpredictable.

The stripping process is necessary, though, because it makes room for better things.  Just as a gardener removes plant debris from the garden before he plants a new season’s crop, God often removes things from a previous season of our life to make room for young, new plants that will grow and produce fruit.  The previous season’s plants and their roots would only interfere with the new growth, even choking them out.

I’ve experienced the stripping process several times in the past few years and I can’t say I’m a fan of the process but the end result has always been worth it.  I’m experiencing the growth of new things God has planted in my life now that the old debris has been pulled out.

Lord, you love me too much to leave my garden unattended.  You are constantly working in it and I know your plan is wonderful.  Forgive me for resisting the changes you have prepared.  Help me to let go of those things that interfere with the new growth you have planned for me.

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