When I call

November 29, 2018

I’ve been getting the run-around lately.  Unanswered emails.  Promised but un-returned phone calls.  Ignored messages.  Nothing but crickets.   I guess that’s the result of busy people in an uber-busy world.

I’m guilty of it too.  I think I’ve answered a text only to find it a few days later – still unsent.  I wait to think of just the right wording for an email and realize a week later that I never responded.  Bummer.

I’ve never felt that The Lord has given me the run-around but I have felt that maybe He wasn’t listening.  The waiting time is what causes me to wonder if He’s listening.  I’m a bad wait-it-outer.  Of course, I know He’s always listening, but knowing and KNOWING are two different things.

“Knowing” is when I say the right thing.  “I know God hears my prayers”.  “KNOWING” is believing that He is listening and then acting like He will answer me.  Being faithful and obedient during the wait.  My life surrendering towards where He is leading even if I can’t see the road.  Faithful, obedient, surrendering.  Hard things.

“I called your name, you looked my way.”  Those are words in a wonderful song called “Your Love Is Mine” by I AM THEY. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_uJYKoHhQo)  Those words touch my heart because I know they are true.

I know that I can call His name and He will look my way.  He won’t get distracted.  He won’t forget to answer me.  He won’t ignore me.  There might be a wait, but in the waiting there will be learning and growing.  Good things.

Lord, I know and I KNOW that you hear me when I call your name and you look my way and listen to me.  You listen as my Father and you want what is best for me.  Forgive me for the times I grow impatient in the waiting time.  I know your timing is perfect.  Help me to do the hard things while I wait for the good things you have for me.

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