Seeking Him

October 24, 2018

I was on a flight recently to Nashville for a conference and remembered, while tightening my seat belt, that I don’t like to fly.

I don’t travel often and generally prefer to have my feet on the ground or at least in a vehicle that has tires rolling on the ground.

As we took off, I could feel my anxiety mounting and I prayed silently for protection and peace.

That’s when I heard her.  A little girl with a big voice was giving a commentary of the flight to everyone within ear shot.  “Look Mom!”  “Here we go!”  “This is exciting!”  “Oh look, I see clouds!”  “Look, Mom, look!”

But then she said something that helped take my mind off of my flying angst.  “Look, Mom, we’re in the clouds.  Do you think we’ll see God?”  Her mother’s reply?  “I don’t know.  Look for Him”.

“Look for Him”.

I had been looking for Him.  I had been prayerfully looking for over a week to see His plans.  Looking for reasons.  Looking to understand why He would allow a friend’s earthly life to be shorter than I wanted it to be.

On my lap was my notebook.  I was making notes about what I wanted to share at my friend’s memorial service.  I was listing things that I loved about her and things that made her special to me.

And that’s when it hit me.  I had seen God at work for years in my friend’s life.  In good times and bad, she had been a reflection of her Heavenly Father’s character.  The Father revealed Himself in her and through her actions.  Through her imperfect human life, God showed His love and grace.

I’d like to thank that little girl with the outside voice for helping me to see what God had been doing for years.  I’m praying that she will seek God with all of her heart and know that if she does, He will reveal Himself to her in a very real way.  Through His son, Jesus,  and not in the clouds.

Lord, forgive me for the times I look but do not see.  For the times I hear but do not listen.  For the times I miss out on experiencing you because I let other things capture my attention.  Thank you for the reminder that your sovereign plans are greater than anything I can imagine.  Thank you that you work through imperfect people to reveal yourself.  Amen.

One thought on “Seeking Him

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I am so looking forward to being at the memorial Saturday. Just speak from your heart, Kelly. You will be able to say what you want through Jesus who gives you your strength.

    Hugs, Sheri Gay

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