No cape required

October 11, 2018

I stood in the long line at the grocery store and just watched him.  He was oblivious to anyone else in the store but his mind was full of adventures.

He wore his cape proudly, fists on hips and head held at just the right angle to appear fearless and unstoppable.  He was probably around 3 years old and he was wearing his bravery well.

Some days I feel like I just want to wear a cape.  And maybe a tutu.  I want to wear bravery and adventure well, holding my head at just the right angle to appear fearless and unstoppable.

Most days, though, I trip over my own two feet and fret about what others will think of me.  If I was wearing a cape, it would probably get stuck between the closing elevator doors.

It used to be that every time I read the words in Philippians 4:13, I would picture myself as an unstoppable super hero – able to do all things in a single bound (with Jesus’ help of course).

But as I have grown in my faith, I realize that this verse isn’t about wearing a cape, it’s about being content.  You see, in the two verses above verse 13, Paul is talking about being content in any situation.

It’s about being content doing all the things that Jesus asks us to do.  Good things, successful things, uncomfortable things, difficult things, inconvenient things, painful things, unpopular things.

Being content.  Hmm. . .  This takes it to another level.  I know I can do the hard things because He gives me strength, but being content while doing it?  That’s the hardest part.

I tend to want the easy path.  The well-funded comfortable ride.  The pain-free adventure.  It’s easy to be content when things are going well.  It’s a whole “nother” story when your knees are skinned or your cape is stuck in the elevator.

Lord, you are my source of strength and my help in times of trouble.  You provide everything I need in good times and in bad times.  Forgive me when I grumble and am discontent.  Help me to be focused on you and content in whatever situation I am in, knowing that you are working  it all out for good.

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