No small potatoes

July 23, 2018

The rain was constant and the traffic was horrible.  In a nutshell, it was all the makings of a miserable trip.  Or was it?

We were traveling up north to see our son and the rain was coming down by the bucket-full.  Traffic was nearly at a standstill, moving about a mile every 30 minutes.

As soon as we could get off of the interstate, we traveled back country roads until we needed to stop for a late dinner and a stay in a hotel. We didn’t make great time, but it was better than being stuck on interstate.

I wondered to myself why I didn’t feel miserable,  considering the conditions.  I have been found to be annoyingly irritable in much better circumstances.    I assessed the situation and came up with a few possibilities for my surprising attitude.

There was music playing.  A good worship CD or playlist is a great go-to when everything else is yucky.

There were snacks.  Yes, they were healthy, but helped keep us content until dinner.

There were interesting things to look at like old barns, funny signs, and cool farmhouses.  I could let my imagination wander to thoughts of how I would fix up those farmhouses!

There was someone to talk to.  Hubs was driving and was agreeable to conversation and corny jokes and singing along to songs.

There was no time limit.  We weren’t late or running behind.  That always takes the pressure off.

There was no one else to take care of.  Lets face it, the more people involved the more complicated life gets.

There was a different perspective. For me it really came down to this: When facing a major health crisis you are forced to look at life differently.

The big things in your life are really big things and everything else is not.  Everything else is small potatoes and not worth making a meal out of.

It was an enjoyable, forced slow down.  I think it was much needed and I’m thankful for it. But here’s what I’m wondering. . . Why can’t I have a good attitude and perspective when there’s nothing major going on in my life.

Why do I let small things get to me.  Why do I let people irritate me?  Why do I major on the minor?  Why do I complain about. . . anything?

I suppose it’s because my sinful nature enjoys rocking the boat.  It wants its way.  It wants to eat small potatoes for dinner when it could be having a stuffed baked potato with real bacon.

Maybe, just maybe I’m learning to do a better job at such things during this cancer journey. I want to do a better job so I can focus on what matters.

Lord, you are aware of every detail of everything but yet you focus on and point to only the most important things in my life.  I’m sorry for the times I am near sighted and focus on all of the unimportant things. Give me your perspective to see only the important things even if they are small.

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