More than I can imagine

July 20, 2018

We’re preparing for the next few weeks.  We’re thinking about life at home after my surgery, but we’re also preparing for my time in the hospital.

Sure, I want to pack necessary things and my favorite blanket and pillow are necessities.

But first things first.  God is always shows up and surprising me in amazing ways.  Ways beyond anything I could imagine.

Seven years ago when I had a kidney transplant at a Richmond hospital, God had much bigger plans that I could have imagined.

I wanted to have an opportunity to share my testimony with the medical staff who took care of me.  For the first few days, nothing happened.  But then, they came.  Day after day nurses would come into our room after their shifts to sit and hang out.

They wanted to chat about how to be a better father, mother, spouse, believer.  They shared their struggles and we just loved on them.  I don’t think we had any answers but we encouraged them to ask God to show them what to do.  It wasn’t what I had planned, but God had plans beyond my imagination.

Every day we meet people.  At work.  At Home Depot.  In elevators.  In stores.  Sometimes they even show up at our house.  Sometimes its a casual chat.  But sometimes it is definitely a divine appointment.  Above and beyond anything I could expect.

Unfortunately, sometimes we completely miss the opportunity.  It’s not until later that we smack ourselves in the forehead when we realize we missed out.  We weren’t looking.  We’re weren’t expecting the opportunity.  Bummer.

As I prepare for the next few weeks, I want to anticipate what God will do.  So, I’ve got some reminders for myself:

  1.  Pray for those God will bring across my path.  After all, it’s not every day you get to represent God in a hospital when you aren’t in the medical profession.
  2.  Be the best patient ever.  No one wants to hang out with a grumpy gal.  No one.
  3. Instead of thinking to myself “here I am in the hospital” I need change my thoughts to  “there you are” to everyone I come in contact with.  Its a much better perspective.
  4. Wait to see what God does through me.  It’s not my words but His.  It’s not my plan but His.  That really takes the pressure off!

Lord, I wait with anticipation to see what you will do in this journey.  Help me to not miss any opportunity you have for me.  I know you will do abundantly more than I can ever imagine.

2 thoughts on “More than I can imagine

  1. Kelly, you have such a beautiful attitude and such deep faith. If I had to share a room in a hospital, I would want to be with you. You would be so encouraging. God is really working through you. He chose you for this journey for a reason. I know it must suck to be going through this, but God must really love you to work through you. I have many people praying for you. Everyone says my 92 year old mom has a direct line. Every time I talk to her she asks about you. I told her to wear red on August 1st. She has survived the loss of two sons and like you, has the deepest faith. God bless! I am keeping you in prayer.

  2. You are truly inspirational, I know God is working in you and through you. Praying for you and your family as you walk this unimaginable path. May God comfort and strengthen you in mind body and spirit.

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