A lesson from Gus

April 30, 2019

I thought I was dreaming, but soon realized the sound I was hearing was not in my dreams.

The incessant bleating was coming from the goat pen and meant only one thing – Gus was hungry.

We have two goats – Bubba and Gus. Bubba is a bully. He really is. He bullies Gus and the chickens around and head butts everything – even the fence around their enclosure.

Gus, on the other hand, was a runt when he was born and struggled to survive. He is gentle and skittish and generally polite – except when he’s hungry.

By the size of his belly, you wouldn’t think he needed food any time soon. But every morning as soon as he sees lights on in the house, he starts calling out for us to come and feed him.

I can relate to Gus. He knows who to go to when he needs help. When he’s hungry. When he’s needing attention.

I sometimes wonder if God gets tired of my incessant bleating – I mean, praying. I know He’s up. His lights are on. I know He can hear me.

Does He ever say, “that little one down there – the runt – she’s a noisy one isn’t she”? Does He sigh as He leans in to listen to my frequent requests and supplications? Does He lose His patience when I start praying and end up on some rabbit trail of a monologue?

Thankfully, the God of the universe never sleeps. Never gets tired of me. He longs to hear from me, His child. His always hungry, ever bleating, runt of a child.

Lord, you are so patient with me. I’m so thankful that you are a heavenly Father who loves to hear from His children. Forgive me for the times I focus only on myself and my needs. Help me to sit, with heart and hands open, to receive what you know is best for me. Help me to listen more than I talk. Remind me of the blessings that I know only come from you. I love you, Lord.