The quandary of “ish”

I caught myself saying it and it’s something I never wanted to say.

I said “ish”.

As in, “It is coldish outside today”.

You see, the suffix has always bothered me. It’s like beating around the bush. For Heaven’s sake – just say what it is.

Some folks use “ish” to describe the time you are supposed to come to their home for dinner. “6ish”. What does that even mean? Do you want us there at 10 minutes before 6:00? 5 minutes after 6:00? Should I bring a salad for 6? Does it mean they haven’t decided what we’re having for dinner yet and “ish” gives them a little bit of wiggle room?

I’ve heard “ish” used to describe a color. “My new sofa is “blueish”. Don’t you know what color sofa you ordered? Light blue? Dark Blue? I actually looked up blueish in the dictionary and this is what it says – having a blue tinge; somewhat blue. So, is it blue or not?

I might not like the suffix “ish” but I have certainly acted like it’s my middle name at times. I’ve been prone to be vague or wavering. I’ve been acting like a somewhat Christian.

I’ve allowed my thoughts to be muddied by worldly influences. At times, I’ve dropped the ball by being noncommittal in relationships. And, given an opportunity, I’ll rationalize away my time with the Lord and Bible study.

I don’t want to be a somewhat follower of Christ. I don’t want to waver or be vague or noncommittal. “Ish” has no good place in my life.

This girl wants to be fervent, purposeful, on task, on target, and on time. (That last part has always been difficult for me as I tend to be late-ish)

As the time for Lent begins and Easter Sunday approaches, my mind goes to what characteristics God the Father and God the Son displayed while rescuing us from our sins. God is absolute in His holiness. He’s not kinda Holy. He is completely Holy. And that is why He can’t tolerate sin. God the Son was perfectly without sin and was the only person capable of being the sacrifice for our sins. He never committed a sin. Ever. He was absolutely committed to obeying His Father and completing the task given to Him. Can you imagine if God was haphazard or wavered in His love for us? What would have happened if Jesus was distracted or noncommittal? We would all be doomed. Completely doomed.

With these thoughts in mind, it’s important for me to get back on track. So, what do I do?

  1. Well, the first step is to recognize when I’m sliding into “ish”. Being lazy or procrastinating is a sure-fire way to slide into it. Did you notice that I used the word “slide”? We don’t usually stomp our way into laziness or procrastination. We slowly let things slide by not paying attention or being accountable.
  2. Next, I list the areas I feel God is telling me to be more purposeful in. My quiet time and prayer? Bible study? Relationships? Taking care of my health? Serving at church or in my community?
  3. Finally, I set myself up for success. Prayer, journaling, scheduling what I need to do in my planner, and asking loved ones to keep me accountable.

Have you found yourself sliding into “ish”? How do you plan on getting out? Give me a shout-out and we can talk about it.

Can I pray for us?

Lord, you have good things planned for us and we don’t want to miss any of them. Thank you for being a God who wants to walk with us through life. Thank you for sending your only Son, Jesus to pay for our sins and provide everlasting life for those who believe in Him. Thank you for being a God who says what He means and means what He says. Guide us, Lord, and show us the areas we have neglected. Forgive us for being lazy and procrastinating in areas where we should be focused and purposeful. Amen.

We don't usually stomp our way into laziness or procrastination.  We slide.

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