Why I’m not celebrating

My drive into work is usually a pleasant one. Long, winding country roads speckled with sunlight shining through the tree branches lead me into town.

But every year, around this time, the pleasantness is replaced by something that saddens my heart.

Plastic skeletons and tombstones line the yards while giant, illuminated and inflated ghosts and goblins bend in the wind.

For many people, this is a fun time of year and they throw themselves into decorating for the Halloween season – but I just can’t go along with it.

I’m glad I’m limited to grocery shopping at 6:00 am on Tuesday mornings (that’s when my local store opens early for seniors and/or immune-compromised people – but I’m not claiming the former – just the latter) because I don’t like having to walk through a gauntlet of automated witches and grim reapers to buy my milk and bread. At 6:00 am, the displays haven’t woken up yet.

This is totally a personal peeve. It’s my own opinion. But you know me, the thoughts in my head usually end up on paper (or screen).

I participated in Halloween as a kid and my kids participated in Trick-or-treating when they were younger. We steered clear of the scary and grotesque decorations and costumes and focused more on just the fun of dressing up (what kid doesn’t love that?) and getting candy from the neighbors (what parent doesn’t love that?).

As I’ve gotten older and had more experiences, the season just seems sad to me. Maybe it’s because I have lost loved ones and had to face serious health issues and think about my own funeral. I’ve been in the darkness of hospital rooms and stood in cemeteries. I’ve grieved and cried and mourned.

I don’t want to think about death. Or darkness. Or tombstones. Or blood. Or guts. Or evil. Or anything like that. I certainly will not celebrate it.

Phillipians 4:8 in the Bible tells us:

Finally brothers, whatever is true,

whatever is noble,

whatever is right,

whatever is pure,

whatever is lovely,

whatever is admirable

– if anything is excellent or praise worthy

– think about such things.

Why think of only good things? Because our thoughts feed our feelings and our feelings feed our actions.

If we live on Earth, we will experience sad things. We will lose loved ones. We will see things we can’t un-see. We will have to experience illness and we will eventually die. Those are facts of life.

But, as for me, I will not welcome them. I will not focus on them. I will not decorate my house with them. I will not celebrate them.

When I’m gut-punched by life what is my reaction?

What has my focus been on? Darkness? Pain? Evil? Oh, that makes the enemy (the Prince of Darkness) pretty happy. He wants to keep us wallowing in his mire so we are completely distracted by what’s around us and we won’t look up.

Or, has my focus been on Jesus? On light? On what is right and pure? Am I standing on Earth but looking heaven-ward?

If my focus is on Jesus, He will lift me up and hold me. I can have peace instead of despair. I can experience joy in the midst of grief. I can fear no evil because my Lord has overcome it.

Thanks for listening to my peevy rant. Has it caused you to think about your focus during this time of the year? I won’t judge you if it hasn’t but just know that I most likely won’t be coming to your house for candy.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m not celebrating

  1. Amen! Glad to have a sister in Christ that celebrates the Harvest and not Halloween. We have never like Halloween and what it stood for and thus our kids never participated. They do miss trunk or treat at River Oak, but our church up here does put on a fun Fall festival.

    I may be alone in not celebrating America’s Santa Claus too. Luke and I taught Lily and Lex from an early age the true story of Santa Claus. We told them the story that stores tell and cartoons portray about Saint Nicholas is not correct. He was a Godly man and what he did for people in his village is what we should all do… be like Jesus. We don’t have a naughty and nice list and give gifts only to those that are good. That is NOTHING like God’s love. Christmas is about God giving a gift, His Son, to us even though we don’t deserve it, because He loves us.

    Thanks for letting ME rant… trying to keep the perspective through all the wonderful Fall holidays and sharing that with my kids. I miss you, dear friend, and we pray for you and Skip and your daughters and their families.

    Loyally, Kimberly Armstrong

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    • Thanks, Kimberly! We miss you and your sweet family too. Thank you for your input. There are many ways we can be intentional about living in the world but not let it pull us down. Keep up the good work. You are a good mama!

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