The Master Gardener

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12_12


I love the feel of fresh, spring dirt in my hands.  Getting to dig in the dirt is one of my favorite hobbies.  I’m not that great of a gardener, but I sure do enjoy learning how to be one.

While working in my garden this week, doing my part to be socially distanced during the COVIID19 pandemic quarantine, I couldn’t help but notice the connection of gardening to truths in the Bible.

Planting seeds and seedlings is the epitome of hope.  I plant seeds and seedlings with the expectation of seeing something in the future.  Something good.  In my case, I expect to see flowers and herbs, veggies and fruit.  It brings me joy as I envision the harvest and that keeps me going even when the job might be dirty or sweaty or laborious.

I want to be joyful in hope and with hope.

On rainy and windy days, I’m usually chased out of the garden and forced to peer at it from the safety of my home.  When the wind is strong and the rain is heavy, I expect some of the plants to struggle and some may even be damaged.

The rain, though hard, still nourishes the plant. Every plant needs water and the water helps to get the food source to the cells in the plant.

The wind, though strong, still strengthens the roots.  The roots become stronger and grow deeper into the soil as the winds blow.

I want to be patient in the storm while waiting for the harvest.

Tending to the garden requires faithful attention.  I can’t forget about my garden for days on end and then expect to come back to see a thriving garden full of healthy plants.

No, the garden needs regular work.  Weeding, watering, feeding, and pruning.

Weeds are merely plants that are growing where they don’t belong.  Anything that grows in my garden, even if it is good, needs to be removed.  I might even plant it in another garden or give it to a friend, but it can’t remain in that particular garden.  Weeds crowd out the best plants and compete for the available resources.

Watering and feeding are necessary for the plants to grow and produce.  The correct balance of nutrients needs to be given or there will be an abundance of leaves and not fruit, or weakened branches that can’t hold fruit.

Pruning is an aggressive action that, if not done at the right time, leads to a lack of fruit and branches growing out of control.

I want to be faithful in prayer, cultivating my relationship with the Master Gardener.  He weeds, waters, feeds and prunes my life.

I want to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer while look toward the harvest.  Joyful, patient, faithful.  Looking ahead.

Lord, you are the Master Gardener.  You provide for my every need and take care to cultivate good things in my life.  May I abide in you and allow you to work in my life so that no weeds will take hold and no rain or wind will be wasted.


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