He knows my name


John 10:3

I am just the worst at remembering people’s names.  Are you too?

I believe everyone would just wear nametags.  Wouldn’t that would make for a much friendlier world?

Never again would I have to blunder my way through a conversation when I can’t remember a name.  It’s embarrassing to forget someone’s name.

Most people feel liked, loved, and cared for when someone calls them by their name – unless it is a pushy salesperson who says your name every 15 seconds to try to get a sale.  Yuck.

Where was I…?

Oh yes, remembering names.

I can’t remember people’s names, but I do remember their stories.  I remember conversations I had with them.  I might even remember where they mentioned they were going on vacation or what they ate for dinner last night.  I remember their prayer requests and testimonies.  I remember their favorite color and how many kids they have – just not their name.


I’ve tried those interesting tricks people use to help them remember names but they don’t work for me.  You see, I’m so interested in people that trying to remember their name throws a wrench in the works.

It goes something like this:

Them:  Hi, my name is Steve

Me:  Hi Steve (my mind is thinking: Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve.  Remember Steve.  Steve has on a plaid shirt and jeans.  Steve has hair the color of straw.  Steve starts with “St”  and straw starts with “St”.  Straw.  Steve.  Straw.  Steve.  Got it!)

Them:  I really enjoyed talking today!

Me:  Me too, Jean.  Hope to see you soon.  

See what I mean?  I’m all scrambled eggs up in my head!

Since I’m terrible with remembering names, I am not at all upset when people call me by the wrong name.  Kathy, Karen, Kim, Kylie, Katie.  I will answer to all of them.  It’s only fair.

How comforting it is to me that my God never forgets a name.  He knows everyone by name.  He even named the stars when He created them and has not forgotten even one of them.  (Isaiah 40:26)

Have you ever felt forgotten?  Ignored?  Invisible?  Shunned?  I have.  It’s a really bad feeling, isn’t it?  People hurt other people because they themselves hurt.   It makes sense, but it still doesn’t feel good.

God knows your name.  He knows your hurt.  He knows your weakness.  He knows your heart.

He hasn’t forgotten about you.  He is waiting for you to respond to Him.  He won’t intrude or grab or demand.  He simply has His arms open wide, calling your name, and waiting for you to come to Him.

What a wonderful feeling it is to surrender to someone who will never forget you.  Who will never ignore your prayers.  Who will always keep His promises.

Lord, you have proven yourself to be faithful and true.  You have not forgotten me.  You have not abandoned me.  You call me by name and wait for me to respond.  Please forgive me, Lord, for the times I have ignored your voice.  Help me to listen for you to direct me and help me to obey.  I want to praise your great name for you are worthy.









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