Look Up

November 8, 2018

It was a simple assignment, really.  Just a quick trip to the store to buy a large message board for our ministry.

When I arrived at the store I looked in the designated department only to find that the boards in stock were all too small.  I needed one that was big.  Too big to ship, according to the store website.  Hmm. . .

I looked on the end caps. I looked in other departments.  The website promised my item was available.  When my legs were starting to get tired, I finally asked a store associate.  She looked on her handy-dandy tablet and found the location code for the item I needed.  And then she pointed. . .

Up.  She pointed up to a display on the wall.  I tilted my head upwards until I spotted it.  I’m pretty sure it sparkled in the fluorescent store lighting.  Angels sang.

A quick walkie-talkie call to the ladder guy was all it took for my desired board to be off of the wall and into my hands.

It all seemed so simple, really.  I just needed to look up.  But that was the last place my eyes were trained to go.  I was getting worn out looking in all of the wrong places.

How often do I spin my wheels and wear myself out by being short-sighted and trying to do things on my own?

If my first reaction is to look up and seek God’s direction when I need something it could save me a lot of wasted time and even grief.  I’m so independent and stubborn that I need this reminder frequently.

Look up, Kelly.  Look up.  Look up to focus on the God who made you and has a plan for you.  Look up to encounter His abundant life.

Just one prayer is all it takes to receive His guidance and wisdom for my daily struggles.  One conversation with my Lord to have what I need because I’m looking up to Him.  No walkie-talkies required.  Just prayer.

Lord, you provide everything I need.  Forgive me when I run in circles because I think I can do this on my own.  Help me to look up to you for everything I need.  Your Word tells me that you know what I need even before I do and that you’ve already prepared it in advance for me.  I just need to keep my eyes open.  Thank you, Lord, for this lesson today.

2 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. Well dear Kelly, you are not alone in trying to do things on your own. You have a whole choir of us singing back up to your refrain. Awesome reminding of where to keep the eyes. Hugs Sheri

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