Stand firm

September 4, 2018

I’m still a little wobbly.  I’m getting stronger every day and gaining a little weight but I’m off kilter.

I thought it was some lingering nerve damage I got during my kidney transplant that was causing me to veer to the right when I walked.

But, talking with my surgeon, I got a different diagnosis.  Basically, my cargo load is off-balance.  Yup, all of the rearranging done in my abdomen is causing me to list to one side.

My core muscles need to get stronger and that will help me walk better, move better, bend better.  I have to strengthen what holds me together.

I couldn’t help but think of a Bible study I went to a while ago.  It was about the Armor of God from the book of Ephesians.

The first “piece of armor” we are to put on as Christians is the belt of truth.  The concept of the belt of truth is that we put on the most important thing first – and we put it around our core to strengthen us.

If I trust in someone/something (like God, His son Jesus, and the Bible) I need to know that they are truthful and pure.  That they are a perfect plumb line for measuring righteousness that I want to be aligned to.  Nothing wishy-washy or fabricated.  No half-baked truths or “mostly” truths.  Only the good pure stuff.

That belt of truth helps support me (like wearing a weightlifter’s belt) when I need it most.  It keeps me stable when I feel like my life is crumbling.  It keeps my thoughts steady when my feelings are like a roller coaster.  It helps me to stand firm when people around me run and hide.

So how do I strengthen and tighten my core muscles?  Through exercising, consuming healthy foods, and lots of time.

How do I strengthen and tighten my belt of truth?  Through working out and exercising my prayer life. Through feasting and munching on what God tells me in His Word.  By spending time persevering in the direction God has me going in.

I certainly don’t want to veer off into a direction I’m not supposed to be going in – physically or spiritually.  I’ll be working on strengthening all kinds of muscles in the next few weeks and months.  Maybe I should buy some new workout gear!?

Lord, thank you for the belt of truth you have given me to help me stand firm in tough times.  Help me to grow stronger every day as I focus on what I know is true because you have said it is.  Help me to grow physically stronger, too, so that I can walk with anticipation into my future.  I’m pretty sure you have big things planned.

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