My Shepherd

July 5, 2018

Some days I just want to be one of my goats.  Laying around all day and chewing my cud.  Watching the world go by and waiting for anyone wearing muck boots to feed me.

If I were a goat, I would never have to worry about where to live or what to wear.  If my tummy hurt, someone would force feed me yogurt until I felt chipper enough to get back on my feet.  Someone would clean up after me and give me fresh water when the bowl looked empty.

But alas, I am not a goat.  Good thing too, because that fur coat would be the death of me.

I’m not a goat, but I consider myself to be a sheep who follows the Good Shepherd around every day.  I  know His voice and I want to stay close to Him.  He is my provider and protector.  I trust Him to take care of my every need.

Unlike my goats, though, sheep who follow the Good Shepherd don’t sit around and watch the world go by.  They are busy.  They are led by still waters to get refreshed.  They are led to grassy pastures for nourishment.  They are led along the right paths for safety and protection.  Sometimes they walk through the darkest valley – The Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Lord, You are the Good Shepherd.  I don’t have to fear because you are with me.  You are leading me to places I need to be.  Places of refreshment and nourishment. Places of protection and righteousness.  Even places that are dark and unknown.  You won’t abandon me.  Help me to keep my eyes on you.  Encourage me when I want to lay down and chew my cud.   Correct me when I want to go off on my own path.  When the nights are dark and the days are scary, please carry me.

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