Thirty seven years


Thirty seven years ago, on this date, I said “I do” to my favorite human being.  We’ve become the best of friends and really do finish each others sentences which really confuses people who are trying to talk to us.

Many times we’ve gotten dressed only to discover that we were wearing matching outfits and one of us needed to change clothes.

We’ve played and argued, laughed and cried with each other.  We’ve raised children and remodeled houses and taught classes together.  We knew we had to focus on our relationships with God before our relationship with each other.  That practice has added a richness and a dimension to our union that is hard to put into words.  Basically, God is the firm foundation of our family.  Without Him, we would crumble.

As we’ve grown closer to God, we’ve grown closer to each other. Please read that sentence again because it’s the key to our relationship.

Selfishness has been the enemy and biggest stumbling block in our life together.  Every argument or rough patch we’ve ever had has been a result of one of us (or both of us) thinking only of ourselves.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit would convict our hearts and we would confess our pride and self-centeredness and the strife would dissipate.

I’m so blessed to have a husband who walks with the Lord.  He leads and guides our family with the wisdom God has given him.  He is my biggest cheerleader and encourager and I’ve tried to be that for Him.  He has had to put his foot down occasionally (ok, frequently) and set boundaries around our family.  He has been the gate-keeper of our home and made tough decisions to protect us.  He has sacrificed his time and energy to provide for us.  He’s a pretty great guy.

I don’t know what this next year will hold for us.  It could be pretty rough.  It will be pretty rough.  It will require a lot of love, patience, sacrifice and humor.  And we’ll do it together with the Lord as our foundation.

Lord, my simple words of gratitude don’t seem to be adequate enough to thank you for my husband and marriage.  I am fully aware that our relationship is rare and you get all of the credit and glory for that.  Help us to look to you for guidance and direction.  Give us wisdom and patience.  Help us to grow stronger through this next adventure.


One thought on “Thirty seven years

  1. Kelly, this is beautiful. Your marriage has always been an encouragement to me and one that I look up to – the same with your parenting. I’ll be praying for you and Skip as you face “this next adventure.” xoxo

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